Wave Accounting Software Review

wave accounting reviews

Templates matter quite a bit when it comes to accounting software. You want to quickly send out those invoices, and you also want to look branded and professional.

If you’re located in California, Florida, New York, Texas, Illinois, or Washington, then you can utilize Wave payroll, and Wave will handle your payroll taxes. In this case, the payroll add-on will cost you a monthly fee of $35 plus $4 per employee/contractor. With the Payments by Wave add-on, therefore, you’ll be able to offer a service to your customers, as well as manage recording transactions your payments and transaction quickly and easily—and all in one place. With Payments by Wave, you’ll be able to accept all major credit cards and ACH payments—and manage your payment processing through Wave. While competitors like QuickBooks Online let you choose which accounting system you want to use, Wave offers only accrual-based accounting, not cash-based accounting.

wave accounting reviews

Wave is the best free accounting software, and is well suited for freelancers, small service-based businesses and new companies with little or no inventory. However, these features might not be enough for bigger businesses that need more than a simple money manager. If you need more powerful features — such as repeating bills, time tracking or more reporting templates — it’s worth a shot to look at Wave’s paid competitors. Wave will process the uploaded receipts to extract information. Then you can review these receipts, and the ones that are approved are kept as expenses. Wave offers its payroll service — which includes annual tax forms and employee direct deposit — for users based in the U.S. and Canada. For most U.S. states and Canada, Wave charges $20 per month for its payroll service plus $4 per month for each employee or independent contractor.

Payroll services are never cheap, and it is reasonable to expect to pay for such a service. In most states, payroll requires a monthly fee of $20 plus $4 per employee. The basic, free version is considered a “light” accounting program, but you will still have basic accounting reports (such as balance sheets, A/P and A/R, etc.).

The support team was also praised for responding to issues quickly and comprehensively. In addition to creating invoices, Wave offers a number of features designed to make tracking and managing invoices easy. Accounting — Produce reports, track taxes, and financially manage your business. Invoicing — Create and send invoices for products provided and services rendered.

You can, however, have customers pay via PayPal, but not through Wave. Kirk Simpson, an entrepreneur with two thriving tech companies, wanted to make a simple and free financial program for small businesses. Simpson and James Lochrie initiated Wave in 2010 with only eight employees. In 10 years, Wave has grown to more than 250 workers with more than 500,000 clients of entrepreneurs and freelancers around the globe. Wave’s mission is to empower small business owners and believe in their journey and ability to change the world.

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There aren’t contracts to sign or monthly fees to pay to use this service. Wave’s invoicing feature is as straightforward as it gets, with three pre-built invoice templates to choose from. Businesses can customize invoices to their preference with company logos. Along with invoicing capabilities, Wave offers estimates, recurring invoices, customer statements, and your list of products and services. The software will help you perform basic accounting and bookkeeping functions for free, while the paid products and services are flexible and will allow you to choose what you’d like to pay for.

Wave is a fantastic freemium accounting software tool that’s ideal for freelancers and small businesses. Customers we interviewed were extremely pleased with the tool, especially given the value it offers for free.

  • Wave recommends “editor” permissions for bookkeepers and accountants, which gives full access to purchases, accounting and reports, as well as limited access to sales.
  • While it doesn’t have as many features or integrations as QuickBooks, Wave software is free and may offer just enough features for some small businesses, Etsy sellers, and eCommerce businesses.
  • Wave’s reporting feature is not as customizable as QuickBooks Online or Xero.
  • Invoices are sent via email, but you have the option to print and send them from your office as well.
  • The obvious answer to this question would be any small business on a budget.

Wave’s basic accounting program is $0 and remains $0 long after you have started. Wave lessens down some of your business issues, invoicing and taxation is simplified. Every business should use Wave because it makes accounting less complicated.

They claimed they took the funds for a standard regular risk review because of a client’s amex payment. After terrible back and forth communication, they cancelled the transaction and we lost over 3 thousand dollars in hard earned monies. Our experience dealing with them was like dealing a scam artist or a fraudster. They are not worth the fee they collect and cannot be trusted handling your customers’ payments.

Wave Accounting Pricing & Demo

Customers with large volumes of transactions have reported issues processes those transactions in a timely matter. But smaller operations and solo entrepreneurs love the flexibility that their features allow for. I recommend this package for users who need a place to get started.

Wave accounting software is specifically built for managers, freelancers and advisors in small businesses. The software from Wave offers functions such as accounting, payment processing, billing, invoice monitoring, payroll processing, financial planning, collection of credit cards, and scanning of documents. This online accounting software is created to help people optimise accounting operations. Wave Financialis the best free accounting software program for small business owners. Designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other very small businesses, this web-based accounting system is simple to use, with a clean and well-organized interface.

wave accounting reviews

From your account, you can switch business profiles, so you don’t have to create separate accounts and logins normal balance for each of your businesses. You can’t, however, see an overview of all your businesses from one screen.

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And because it is an online-software, this makes it possible for users to manage and track their business seamlessly with an internet-connected device. Wave Accounting software is an online tool for small businesses and financial consultants that would like to have a more automated and simpler solution to their accounting concerns. Wave makes it possible for user to collaborate with their clients. It does not only simplify basic accounting tasks but also has the ability to synchronize thousands of bank feeds in real-time. The Wave website markets invoicing, payments and payroll as separate features, but in reality, they are all integrated into the core Wave accounting platform. Headquartered in Toronto, Wave was founded in 2009 as an accounting app and has grown to include additional apps and features for invoicing, payments and payroll. Because it is cloud-based, you can access Wave from just about any type of device and operating system.

wave accounting reviews

Similar to QuickBooks Payments, Wave Payments integrates seamlessly with Wave accounting software. Once you activate Wave Payments, you can send invoices to your customers that include a Pay button they can use to make payments via ACH, debit card, or credit card. Bank payment processing costs 1% per transaction, with a minimum fee of $1.You can accept ACH payments, which allows your customers to pay their invoices directly from their bank accounts. Wave Accounting was designed to simplify all your accounting related tasks and makes this available as an online-software you could access anywhere, anytime. Wave payroll helps you prepare payrolls and even takes into account taxes.

The Best Features Of Wave Accounting

We think Wave is great, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Read a collection of reviews from trusted third-party websites and testimonials from our happily satisfied customers. Our priority at The Blueprint is helping businesses find the best solutions to improve their bottom lines and make owners smarter, happier, and richer. That’s why our editorial opinions and reviews are ours alone and aren’t inspired, endorsed, or sponsored by an advertiser.

Benefits Of Wave Accounting

The invoicing tool assists the customers to collect money as well as it offers various templates where the individual can wave accounting reviews choose based upon their choice and service requirements. Wave Accountancy is a product of Wave Accounting Inc. in Canada.

As previously mentioned, Wave offers an optional Payroll app that provides integrated payroll services to customers in eight states . For these eight states, Wave will transfer the appropriate tax payments and file all tax forms. It is so easy to use, and customized specifically for small business owners. I absolutely LOVE the invoice feature — it’s the primary feature that I use — and it just works so well. My completed payments rate is 100% and I believe is at least in part due to how easy the process is to view/pay invoices. Wave introduced the ability to produce customer statements not too long ago, which was an important addition. You can create and send these to remind customers of past due payments or simply to provide them with a record of their account activity for their records.

The Wave Suite costs $20-35/month for accounting, payroll, and payment processing (plus transaction fees and $6/employee for payroll). The QuickBooks Suite costs at least $70/month for accounting, payroll, and payment processing (plus transaction fees and $6/employee for payroll). I wish there was a way to add a sales tax column on the invoice to show tax per item. However, some additional services — retained earnings such as payroll or credit card processing — are not included in the free plan. For a free software program, Wave boasts an impressive, robust feature set that rivals even some paid accounting software programs. You can access any of Wave’s features from the vertical menu bar on the left side of the screen. Just click on the arrow to display all of the options available for that particular feature.

User Reviews

Before you decide to do your small business accounting with this company please read this. I was in a situation where I used wave invoice to bill a guest who had stolen a tv from my hotel. 3 months later the guest/thief claims to cc company this was a fraudulent transaction. Wave then stole that money from me when it was claimed as fraudulent! I was able to present my case to the bank of the situation and they assured me this was actually waves liability not mine and filled in my favor to deposit money back into my account. They would delay days in communication with me for an urgent matter and would only create a claim on my behalf if I would pay them an additional 600$!

Therefore, whether you have a large team, or simply want a payroll system that not only works with your accounting software but can accommodate taxes as well, Wave might not be the right solution for you. One of the drawbacks of Wave accounting software is the system’s lack of features to help with business taxes. In fact, many paid software systems, like Xero or Sage, will charge at least $9 to $15 per month for their most basic plans. And, these plans will limit your activity and your access to features like customizable invoices and multicurrency transactions—where Wave won’t. With this add-on, therefore, you have an easy, free way to manage paper receipts, without needing to actually sort through paper and manually enter the information into your accounting software. If you decide you’d like even more from your Wave account, then you can choose to utilize Wave’s free or pay as you go add-ons. With these add-ons, you can extend your functionality and perform more of your business accounting tasks in one platform.

If you can’t find a solution, you can contact Wave’s support team via email by clicking on the “email us” button at the bottom of the “help center” window. Paying users can also click on the “live chat” button on the navigation bar to get an instant answer from Wave’s support team. Note that live chat is also available for all users during their first 60 days.

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If your business deals with paper receipts, theReceipts by Waveadd-on will be integral to your accounting process. Wave also lets you manage multiple businesses under the same Wave account. If you have multiple Etsy shops or freelance in a few different industries, you won’t have a hard time keeping your ventures separate. Wave just told me Etsy does not integrate with Zapier for Wave. So how are you doing this excellent smooth integration that doesn’t exist?

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